Group Builds gathering of SFTPMS and Pla-zone members

The gathering was on Saturday 15th June, just got some time to upload the photos today. Organised by SFTPMS and sponsored by HHQ, a meetups of several group builds participants, e.g far east gb (SMM), Aviation gb (Pla-zone & SMM), Peace in middle east gb (SMM). Here’s some photo of the builds, sorry for the […]

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ToyMaker Vs BeckyCustomizer

As most of you know by now, I have started work on my Perfect Strike for GBWC 2013. Coincidentally, Kenny (Toymaker) is working on the same kit, http://toymakerinc.blogspot.sg/2012/04/strike-gundam-pg-wips.html. So I am taking this opportunity to do a face off with Toymaker. This will no doubt push me to finish it. At the same time, pitting […]

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2013 Resolutions

Kinda easy for my new year resolution, build MORE! >_< Beside, i also need to pick up more skills,  e.g figures and miniatures painting, creating water dioramas and start on military modelling. Also need to get more skills on weathering, a nice weathered kits really make it look real and interesting. Well, that’s it for […]

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What I’d build for 2012

2012 had come to an end…. few days back. Finally, get my mood on for some writing and summarize what i’d done for last year. Last year start a bit late, completed repaint Classic Skywarp on March. Follow by MG Deathscythe Inferno on June. Complete 2 cars FTO and GTO on July. Repaint Stealth Bumblebee and […]

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Mail Delivery Failed.

First of all, like to thanks visitor for sending me inquiries about customizing. Unfortunately, some of the email address i receive is unavailable, therefore i can’t reply emails which its not exist. For those who haven’t receive any reply do email me again, and make sure the email you gave are correct. Thanks for visiting my […]

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