WIP: 1/72 Hasegawa Vanship with torpedo

Bought this kits for almost a year, decided to build it for the minicon 01 which organized by M Workshop (on 28 February). I just got time to make part 1 short video on the WIP. Before that here are some photos unboxing the kits.   Resin part for the figure and torpedo. The decals. […]

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Create details with chisel

A diagram on how the step are been done. I using new set of chisel i got, Gundam Pro-Factory by Nu Gundam factory from Thailand. Like the size and it fit nicely in my hand. This is the step 2 which i using 0.1mm chisel Step 4 using 1.0mm chisel Done! Inking with panel line […]

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Chrome paint ver. 3

I love to explore new paints and try them out. Got my hand on some new paints, so i let it a try and compare to those i had. I done some test before this, http://www.beckycustomizer.com/blog/2015/06/02/chrome-paints/ This time using 40psi pressure, a method i find it much easier to apply chrome paints. Here’s the result of […]

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Reduce paints crack problem on Hot Toys Iron Man repaint.

Been doing this Iron Man repair work for couple of years. It is advice not to pose too much of the figure after repaint, but still accident will happen. Repaint work done by other, the paint all crack up, i had to remove all the paints and redo all the paint work. The crotch armor […]

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Chrome paints ver. 2

I did a simple review on chrome paints last week, and i notice that i done some mistake, so i think i give it a few more test on those paints. The first experiment i done, http://www.beckycustomizer.com/tools-and-accessories/chrome-paints/ The previous experiment i use low psi (10 psi) which is recommended for alclad and mr hobby, i didn’t […]

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Chrome paints

I received some new paints from Modo Malaysia last few weeks, just got some time to try on the recommended silver paint which have high reflective and close to chrome effect. I compare it with the other paints which quite famous among the modelers. The test subjects for today. ( All of them is pre […]

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Weathering guides

I’d done some samples of weathering and battle damage for my talk in Kota Kinabalu (Borneo Plamo Cup Challenge 2014). Here is the guides on how to achieve them. Weathering take times to do, this samples was done in a day, so the outcome will be better if got more time. Where you can add […]

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Weathering Captain America shield

As the shield of Captain America figure (Hot Toys) started to chip, its better to make a weathered shield out of it, with serious paint chip and burn mark / mud. Yes, you read it right, paint chip at the shield of an expensive figure, just like Hot Toys Ironman infamous pink panty, the Captain […]

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