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WIP: Classic sunstorm

Commission repaint to convert a star cream into sunstorm. First i unscrew the parts, then prime the kits in white, i prefer white prime for bright color such as red, yellow orange etc. It make the color more vibrant, and less layer of paints needed.  red and white strips like the classic sunstorm.After done with […]

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WIP: Hot Toys Iron Man mk 3 battle damaged

The second time i deal with Hot Toys Iron Man mk 3. So basically the disassemble is a little bit faster. The paint work going smoothly.  Paint work is done about in a week plus, and the battle damages done in about 3-4 days.  Using new method (for me) with scratching and painting the damages. […]

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WIP: Mattel Avatar AMP suit.

Been working on this collection for almost 3 weeks, finally got the spare time to write about it. The collection is Mattel Avatar AMP suit, as seen in James Cameron’s Avatar. I done some simple review of the collection here, Added some details on the cockpit. Here’s the comparison of the original and modified cockpit. […]

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AMP suit

Mattel’s Avatar AMP suit

Avatar AMP suit, which appeared in James Cameron’s Avatar movie. Its a suit which used in planet call Pandora where the atmosphere is deadly to human race. So human race use this battle suit to maneuver and fight again giant humanoid race call Na’vi. Do watch the movie as its really great and i love […]

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