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Becky Customizer Bricks Mold

I had decided to make my own lines of tools, start from diorama building tools. Here are the 8 design of bricks mold which was launched in the end of December 2018.It is mold which use for casting bricks, to make debris or even to lay as wall or pavement, all in 1/35 scale. The […]

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Shizuoka Hobby Show 2018

Once again, joined the Team Asean for display in Shizuoka Hobby show last May, just got mood and time to blog. I did share in my Facebook album, but i still feel incomplete without posting in my website. Here are some of the display and works on Hobbyist venue. Shizuoka Hobby show are 4 days […]

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My previous blog post is regarding Automodeli GT, a scale model shop run by Finisher’s owner Mr Nobuyoshi Kawaguchi. Here is a simple QnA session with him, to help us know more regarding this brand. Q: Can you introduce about yourself, what is your hobby, what is your favorite sports? A: My hobby is DJ […]

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Model Art modeling magazine No 982

Model Art modeling magazine is a monthly periodical magazine from Japan, it’s just like Hobby Japan but featuring other than Gunpla models. It’s packed with photos and interesting topics on models, range from aircraft to ships etc. Although it’s in Japanese but it’s still pretty interesting to read, one of the tools which i find it […]

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Scale model shop in Akihabara

I still in the Japan trip topic. Akihabara, heaven for Otaku and also scale modelers. The first view i saw after exit JR Akihabara station, through the electric town exits. It’s full of tall buildings with advertisement and sign all over them. Such a busy town. First hobby store i went, Akihabara Radio Gaikan. 10 […]

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GIC 2.0 single blade cutter

Received this cutter last Thursday, just got time to write review about this cutter. When mention about single blade cutter, one cannot omit Godhand Ultimate cutter, as they are the one who pioneer in this design. Also up until now, their cutter seem to be the benchmark for single blade cutter, in term of the […]

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K Colors demonstration gathering

Hi peps, It been a month since my last blog post. Nothing much to share and I had been very lazy to take photos of my progress. Finally decided to break my silence, and going to share some new colors which going to make available in SEA soon. Okay, K colors is a company base […]

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Modo paint bottle stand

Modo released their new product, paint bottle stand made from cardboard. The price are reasonable and it can fit about 108 bottles, well i use it to hold my estore stocks which will ease my stock checking, but i guess it convenient for normal user as well. The box is about the size of a […]

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