MP01 Repaint

This is my second time working on MP01 repaint. Repaint the whole figures with metallic paint. Some comparison on the before and after. Metallic red.Beside repaint, also add some battle damage and weathering. completed gallery, MP01 battle damage

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WIP: Classic sunstorm

Commission repaint to convert a star cream into sunstorm. First i unscrew the parts, then prime the kits in white, i prefer white prime for bright color such as red, yellow orange etc. It make the color more vibrant, and less layer of paints needed.  red and white strips like the classic sunstorm.After done with […]

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WIP: Classic skylynx

Got this commission request to kitsbash / scratch classic skylynx based on a TFW2005 member’s work. The original creator,   I was provide with some figures to work at, universe skullgrin, TFP soundwave etc.  Here i replacing skullgrin hand with paws. The rear leg i used rotf deluxe ravage leg, and add on some details […]

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Repaint Takara MP1 Convoy (Optimus Prime) part 2

Complete repaint Takara Mp1. Nothing much to show on the progress, forget to take pictures. Only one pic to share. Custom mix the red to painted on prime, very close color but i add little bit of gold pearl powder in the paint, the result as seen above. Left side is original plastic, right is […]

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WIP: Nike Prime part 3.

Molding the Nike Prime head as i will replace the megatron with optimus head. Using Oyumaru (purple and black thing above the Optimus head) a molding material which kinda easy and safe to use. It react to heat and become soft and easy to shape (texture somehow almost similar to clay), but once cold to […]

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WIP: Nike Prime part 2

Continue work on the Nike Prime, make some mistake during masking, the paint soak in from the edge of the masking tape and diluted paints beneath the tape. Have to sand off the effected part and repaint the color. The result after painted the clear red on top of the silver. Effected part is sand […]

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WIP: Nike Prime part 1

Commission build i receive few weeks back. To transform and repaint Nike prime and Nike megatron into Nike prime. Painting black into white is kinda tedious work, need extra paint to cover it, and to make both at the same tone (white painted on black will get a dull and dark white) need some extra […]

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Repaint Takara MP1 Convoy (Optimus Prime) part 1

Repaint Takara MP1 Convoy  (Optimus Prime). Slow in progress, here is some progress from time to time. Taking it off to easy painting. Paint it in silver then paint the clear orange follow by some post shading on the details. The blue part is paint in silver first then follow by custom mixed blue and […]

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