GBWC 2015 Malaysia winners

Open Category B Champion : Jeff Ho Yik Yin (071) 1st Runner up : Mohd Nuzul Amin (096) 2nd Runner up : Jacquelyn Wong (145) Open Category A Champion : Shahira Balkis binit Abdullah (028) 1st Runner up : Ong Tung Shen (032) 2nd Runner up : Mohd Hazim Shah (073) Junior Category B Champion […]

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HG Beargguy III (san) ver. double happiness

HG Beargguy III ver. double happiness, limited release for Gundam Docks Hong Kong II. The Box art.   The manual it’s same as the normal version Beargguy san, with an additional instruction manual for the double happiness stickers.   What make it special beside the box art are the color of the parts and this […]

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WIP: Pla-zone Miao Zai

Pla-zone miao zai, it’s a mascot of the plamo group i active and co-admin. It’s design by pla-zone members, Jacque Wong and Shermen Lim. The name derive from Cantonese mean little cat, yes it’s a mechanic cat, with the tail of power plug. As mention in my previous blog post, the build it’s for  HAW […]

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HAW, Hobby Art @ Work- 1 day trip

After Gundam Docks :…ore-1-day-trip/, next stop is HAW (Hobby Art @ Work), HAW is a shop / workshop for gunpla, they sell tools, model kits, books etc. What i love most is this room. I very much excited to see all the display in this room.   All the masterpiece display in this room. […]

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Gundam Docks Singapore – 1 day trip

A spontaneous idea 3 of us got during Gundam Model Kit Contest gathering, 1 day trip to Singapore for the Gundam Docks event. Then, Renny suggest to take the Air-Asia earliest plane to Singapore and return with last flight from Singapore, and that’s what happen. The day we going coincide with HAW Petitg Guy group […]

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Gundam Model Kit Contest 2014 Malaysia winners.

Gundam Model kit Contest 2014 a.k.a Mid-Year Challenge. The result are out, and to my surprise i won 3rd place in open category. Here are the winning entries. Open Category ChampionOpen category second place. Open category 3rd place. Open category merits.Youth Category championYouth Category 2nd placeYouth category 3rd place. New challenger champion. I forgot to drop […]

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Gunjap interview Gunpla Builders around the world.

Gunpla Build Fighters anime had come to an end last few week, it’s a very fun anime, not just help in Bandai’s sales it also fire up the spirits of existing gunpla builders, which including me. The story of Gunpla BF is somehow more relax, it’s about a world where kids and adults assemble their […]

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Commission work on G-system 1/35 RX-0 unicorn gundam head, first time dealing with G-system resin (kinda excited). Interesting piece as it can transform from unicorn mode to destroy mode. So, decided to do a simple review on it, actually just some unboxing photos.  The box art and the content.   The parts list and manual.Open the […]

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