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1/6 vinyl guyver

Second vinyl kits i work on. Its Guyver a.k.a Bio Booster Armor Guyver, know the comic been running for decade but the story still on going. Vinyl kits is hollow inside which make it very light, i add some plaster inside the leg of this kits to make it stand better. Beside that some part […]

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WIP: Derzerb – 7 inch soft vinyl model kits

First time encounter with vinyl kits. This is a monster which appear in Bio Booster Guyver series, Derzerb. Its partially assemble, now just to fix the gaps and repaint it. Very obvious gaps between the parts. Need to putty and sculpt the skin details. The ‘floating legs’, think its kinda common in vinyl, hard for […]

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Commission work on G-system 1/35 RX-0 unicorn gundam head, first time dealing with G-system resin (kinda excited). Interesting piece as it can transform from unicorn mode to destroy mode. So, decided to do a simple review on it, actually just some unboxing photos.  The box art and the content.   The parts list and manual.Open the […]

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Simple Review of e2046 Garage kits – Street Fighter Ryu

Received a e2046 Garage Kits street fighter ryu from a Singaporean friend. Its a simple garage kits which recommend by him, for beginner in gk. Here’s some simple review on this gk. e2046 GK was placed in a transparent container such as this. It really protect the parts from damaging even though the parcel box […]

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Revoltech: Transformer BumbleBee

Transformer Bumblebee from Revoltech, Kaiyodo. Based on Transformer: Dark of The Moon. Its  a commission work, been request to paint in dark color scheme, so i decided to make it into my version of stealth mode. Disappointed by a missing parts on the chest, have to build it with pla-plate. After putty and sculpt the […]

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WIP: 1/4 Black Spiderman

Statue from sideshow collections, The Amazing Spiderman. A very heavy statue which make from polystone. Tough and hard to sand. The task is to filled the engraved spider web and make it into black version. Putty, sanding and prime, will hand the painting work to another friend. Primed and put in box, delivered to the […]

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WIP: Stormtrooper Blaster

An overall look on the progress of this resin build, just assembling, putty and sanding. Paint by other painter. The step by step progress. Primed and my part is done!

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