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Bruce Lee sculpt by Jones Chua

Know this sculptor from a facebook group, really amaze by his skill and decided to get this Bruce Lee resin from him. Sculpt, mold and cast by himself. His facebook account, Got the parcel yesterday. Here are all the parts. It come with 2 type of pants, which interchangeable. Kung Fu pants and Game of […]

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Review Fantasy Ausrüstung Walker MK-1

Done some repackaging for the product, Fantasy Ausrüstung Walker MK-1, also check the parts of every box to make sure no missing piece. There are some broken parts, but nothing some epoxy glue can’t help. The box which containing the mecha. Instruction manual The same pieces are separated in different ziplock bag. Close up photo […]

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Resin Group Build by Pla-zone Group

Resin Group Build initiated by Pla-zone member Jeff Ho, finally had ended and have a meetup at our favorite place to hangout, ICW. Resin a.k.a Garage kits, have niche market in local scale model community compare to plastic model, due to it require some skill to assemble and paints, and the subject also not that […]

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Repaint Sideshow Collectibles Grey Hulk

Commissioned to repaint sideshow collectibles grey hulk.The original grey hulk are kinda pale. Client want it darker tone which look more intimidate.   I highlight the muscle and painted the veins with red and little of blue. The base skin color is mixture of mr color 331 and mr color 324. Follow with highlight and […]

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WIP: Evil Ryu

All the photos here are actually copy from my instagram account. I update my progress spontaneously, you guys can follow my instagram account @becky_customer This WIP is to gather up all the progress i done and for easy viewing. I had done a simple review on this resin some time back, you guys can check […]

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WIP: 1/9 Dragon Iron Man mk 42

1/9 dragon iron man mk 42. Bought it 2 years back, now it sold and commissioned to build it. It’s quiet straight forward build, fitting very good, just got flesh and mold line to remove. the paint work i start with black base then follow by mr hobby sm 08 silver plate. Mask with masking […]

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WIP: Zeon Prototype Walker Tank

The walker tank is a product from Fantasy Ausrüstung, the product name is FA- MK1, their facebook page, Start selling at Canada / US, no news on releasing in Asia yet. The casting of this kits are nice in details, just some parts require sanding and cleaning, few bubbles spotted and need fill up. This is how […]

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WIP: King Kong statue.

Very happy that i got the chance to work on a awesome sculpture, sculpted by Joe Bailey. The limbs of the king kong are separated during molding, have to glue the limbs with epoxy glue for extra strong bonds.The gaps between the limbs and body are very obvious even some area lost the details of […]

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