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WIP: Iron man mk 3 crushed helmet part 2

Here is the steps i took to paint the iron man mk 3 crushed helmet. 1. Gloss black 2. Painted silver 3. Mist coat of clear red 4. Wet coat of clear red 5. Mask the red part 6. Painted gold 7.Paint chipped effect 8.Hand paint more chipping and panel lines and top coat 9.Slightly […]

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How i fix Hot Toys Ironman Mk3 pink armor.

Just to share with other how i fix Hot Toys Ironman Mk3 pink armor. Its quiet serious on the fading armor for this Hot Toys collection. Can see the abdomen, neck, crotch armor and even hand are in pink color. Most serious and visible is the abdomen and crotch armor, the hand and neck still […]

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How i fix Ironman Mk 6 pink panties.

Got couple of requests on fixing ironman pink panties. Here i show how i fix the ironman mk 6 pink panties. I using air brush methods, so only recommend to those who got air brushing tools. The crotch armor of ironman mk 6 is made out of soft rubber, and its the only parts which […]

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Hot Toys Iron man faded armor.

I got quiet a few requests on repaint and restore the color of the armor on Hot Toys Iron man. Its a very common defects, which only appear after some times. Here is a Iron man Mk. III i receive today, almost the whole abdomen armor are faded and turn into pink. The whole abdomen […]

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Hot Toys Ironman repairs

Repaint the faded abdomen armor.   Faded  armor.   Fill up the scratch and damage of the ironman suitcase.

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