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Reduce paints crack problem on Hot Toys Iron Man repaint.

Been doing this Iron Man repair work for couple of years. It is advice not to pose too much of the figure after repaint, but still accident will happen. Repaint work done by other, the paint all crack up, i had to remove all the paints and redo all the paint work. The crotch armor […]

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Hot Toys Iron Man MK7 projects.

Commission build for hot toys iron man mk 7, to paint it into marvel now version and to heavy damage the ironman. For the black iron man, i disassemble most of the parts, so i be easy for me to paint. Use gaianote pure black and top cop with mr color GX clear gloss. Assemble […]

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Weathering Captain America shield

As the shield of Captain America figure (Hot Toys) started to chip, its better to make a weathered shield out of it, with serious paint chip and burn mark / mud. Yes, you read it right, paint chip at the shield of an expensive figure, just like Hot Toys Ironman infamous pink panty, the Captain […]

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Hot Toys Iron Man mk 3 repaint

The first Iron Man action figure from Hot Toys, the color is kinda off, with dull metallic red. So, been commissioned to repaint into metallic red which more similar to the recent release. Comparison, the left is original Hot Toys Iron Man mk3, the right is repainted version. Touch up with minor scratches and burn […]

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WIP: Iron Man mk 3 battle damage ver. 2.0

Got some queries on how i repaint the Hot toys iron man, so i posting this out on what the steps i took and some pointer. Hope this help. This Iron man was sent from Hong Kong, the owner even build compartment for every parts. How cool. Haha.   Take off the parts and give […]

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WIP: Hot Toys Iron Man mk 3 battle damaged

The second time i deal with Hot Toys Iron Man mk 3. So basically the disassemble is a little bit faster. The paint work going smoothly.  Paint work is done about in a week plus, and the battle damages done in about 3-4 days.  Using new method (for me) with scratching and painting the damages. […]

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Hot Toys Iron Man mk 3 repaint part 2.

Continue with the repaint of Hot Toys Iron Man Mk 3.  I shade the armor with subtle black painted on the lines and grooves, the shade is visible even with few heavy wet coat of the semi clear red.  After painted the red its time to touch up on the details, i use acrylic matt […]

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Hot Toys Iron Man mk 3 repaint part 1

Commission repaint for the Hot Toys Iron Man mk3. The figures was in very bad shape when i receive it, color look dull and dirty, some paints even start to crack.  Wonder what this Iron Man gone through with his previous owner. So my job is to repaint and give back the shine he should […]

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