1013 Hobby Den

First of all Congratulation Andy Wong for the opening of his own shop/workshop. 1013 Hobby Den(十仔模型工作坊) opened on 1st January 2018. A brand new workshop to hang around and get some professional advise from Andy Wong (2014 GBWC World Champ) himself 🙂 . Got few selection of paints and tools which include Mr. Hobby color, […]

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Malaysia Hobby Expo 2017

Malaysia Hobby Expo is back again. This year i joined the display for Scale Model Malaysia and Star Wars Modellers Malaysia. It happen last month but i just got the mood to do the blogging. First let’s get a look at SMM display. Even bring back the 1/72 airport big diorama. It’s initially display was […]

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Malaysia Miniature Hobby Show & MALCOM 2017

MMHS & MALCOM 2017 – 8-9 July 2017  The show had returned. It was once called Malaysia Scale Hobby Show, . Now it’s call Malaysia Miniature Hobby Show, and the MALCOM is stand for Malaysia Competition. It’s bigger than last year, and this year they introduced Automotive category for display. Same as last year, it […]

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Scale model shop in Akihabara

I still in the Japan trip topic. Akihabara, heaven for Otaku and also scale modelers. The first view i saw after exit JR Akihabara station, through the electric town exits. It’s full of tall buildings with advertisement and sign all over them. Such a busy town. First hobby store i went, Akihabara Radio Gaikan. 10 […]

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Tamiya Headquarter

It been 3 months plus since i return from my Japan trip, but i haven’t finish posting my trip photo, don’t worry i will concentrate in scale model and hobby information. ( Since i create this site for scale models) I visited Tamiya HQ on the last day of Shizuoka Show (sunday), It’s about 5 […]

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Team ASEAN in 56th Shizuoka Hobby Show

It’s always my dream to go Japan, and finally it gave me all the reason to be there – to display my work in Shizuoka Hobby Show. I joined under Team ASEAN, Team of people with same interest, friendship bond even before the hobby show, some of us met and know each other from […]

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GIC 2.0 single blade cutter

Received this cutter last Thursday, just got time to write review about this cutter. When mention about single blade cutter, one cannot omit Godhand Ultimate cutter, as they are the one who pioneer in this design. Also up until now, their cutter seem to be the benchmark for single blade cutter, in term of the […]

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WIP: Panda and Bronco armored vehicles

Just a simple WIP for the progress of this 2 builds. First time building this 2 brand. Start with Panda models, I must say, learn some valuable lesson, folding photo etch is tedious work without proper tools. Was using tweezer and metal clip, now make me thinking should i get PE bender???? Have to paint […]

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