Tetsujin 2018

Tetsujin 2018 had concluded on 4th March 2018. Although I can’t manage to join the competition, i’d glad that i had visited the events. Had a great time with old friends, Eday Ng, Kenny Lim, Anupong, Phoon, etc.

Tetsujin is an event/competition organized and sponsored by Hobby Art Gallery and Hobbymate, with the support from local community. Submitted entries is around 70 kits.


Some other display work from invited guests

Winning entries.

Invited guests and their workshop. (photo credited to HAG)

Eday from Hong Kong, GBWC world champ 2012

Ronnie Phoon , Malaysia GBWC champ 2012 and 2013

Anupong Channarong Thailand GBWC champ 2010

Leon Ku,  Singapore GBWC champ 2010

Another thing i love about Tetsujin is their crazy generous sponsor.