Model Art modeling magazine No 982

Model Art modeling magazine is a monthly periodical magazine from Japan, it’s just like Hobby Japan but featuring other than Gunpla models.

It’s packed with photos and interesting topics on models, range from aircraft to ships etc. Although it’s in Japanese but it’s still pretty interesting to read, one of the tools which i find it useful to help me understand is Google translate apps.

Installed it and it help you to translate foreign words from photos and texts.

Here is an example i capture the words and highlight those i want to translate, it’s not perfect but i can understand the article, at least.

I just received my copy of the magazine 2 days back, which i was interviewed as one of the foreigner modeler. It really make my day and very happy, it’s not something i get to do often but it’s the ‘thing’ that kept me going and wanting to improve more.
In scale modeling, it’s an ever learning field, it got a broad knowledge in the subjects we build and also in the skills of depicting the real subject, or just want it to look nice in ‘presentation’ form.

model art

The translation of the interview.

1) Tell me about your personal history of modeling. When did you start modeling? What was the first plastic model kit to you? Why did you get interested in modeling? It is something like a boy’s hobby?

I started scale model during my college time, which is back in year 2004. I started from Gunpla, which is also very famous anime and I love to watch anime, that is how I know Gunpla, and from there I build my interest for other genre of scale model as well. I like to try on new skill and method that’s why I can’t concentrate on particular subject only. I do admit that I prefer boy’s hobby even when I was a child. I like to play toy gun and toy car.

2) What is real joy of modeling for you? Why are you happy with modeling?

I like hand craft, building and painting make me feel happy. It’s fun to see your own creation/builds.

3) In Malaysia, mainly where do you buy a kit? At a local hobby shop or from on-line shop?

I buy from a lot of places, local hobby shop and sometime on-line shop.

4) Let me know about your modeling way. Can I have some tips and your secret for good modeling? Painting way, collecting references and so on.

For me there is no absolute way to done a model kits, I tend to try different method from time to time. I like to read magazine and watch tutorial video to learn new method. Google is the best tools to collect references.

5) We know that you have many model clubs and shows in Malaysia. And also know you are one of big names in Malaysia modeling world. How is your modeling activities? Are you a member of some model club? Do you have a specialty store of modeling materials?

I think one of the best I got more attention is because of my gender, there is not much girl into this hobby, beside that I do join a lot of hobby events and activities. I’m member of few model clubs, example: Pla-zone, Plamo Aces Modeling (IPMS Penang), Scale Model Malaysia, etc.
I do own an online store, which sell some model kits, hobby tools and hobby paints.

6) Also we know you are very famous as a GUNDAM modeler in Asia. Let me know about your love to “Character models”

For Gundam mecha, I prefer those mecha which piloted by female pilots, I’m referring to the anime story. If the mecha is pilot by a girl in anime, then I will be very interested to build them. Besides that, I also like ver. Katoki design.

7) You joined us at the Shizuoka Hobby Show this year. Let me know the impression on the show and Japan tour.

It was my first time in Japan when I joined the Shizuoka Hobby Show in May 2017. Japan is such an awesome country, Shizuoka Hobby show really open my eye to various way to create unique builds. Japanese are very creative and there is a lot to see, I was overwhelmed by the size of the venues and thousands of completed works. It was fun as well to see new and coming products from model factory.
I’m very happy to meet new friends during the trip, my only regret are I can’t communicate in Japanese.

8) May I ask about your future plans and dreams?

One of my future plan, is to return to Shizuoka Hobby Show, and maybe All Japan Hobby Show. As for my dream, to win the Gunpla Builder World Cup in future.

Here are some of the topic discussed in this copy, they reviewing the Tamiya newest paints, the Tamiya Lacquer. Also some tutorial on how to make diorama, soil, water and vegetation.

Of course the main focus of this issues is about hand painting and paint brushes, some techniques about how to hand paint a tank, ship and figures. Even some lesson from Calvin Tan,  A talented figure painter from Singapore.

Where to get this magazine?
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