Scale model shop in Akihabara

I still in the Japan trip topic.

Akihabara, heaven for Otaku and also scale modelers.

The first view i saw after exit JR Akihabara station, through the electric town exits. It’s full of tall buildings with advertisement and sign all over them. Such a busy town.

First hobby store i went, Akihabara Radio Gaikan. 10 Floor building with a lot of hobby shop, which i think it’s a must visit place when you in Akihabara. Here are the shop list,


Kaiyodo shop and their merchandise.

Yellow submarine, they got gunpla, automobile, military model, tonnes of tools, supplies and magazines. I took the photo of the display there, really nice collection and display.

There are few more shops here, but i didn’t manage to capture photos.

There is another hobby shop at the corner of the street, Volks Hobby Heaven Akibahara.

They got nice variety of Volks model kits. Also got tools and supplies.

Next stop would be Yodobashi Akiba, located near the  Showa-Dori exit of Akihabara JR station.


The hobby section is on 6th floor, they got plenty of paints, model kits and supply. I love this shop too, variety of paints and supplies, bought my Kaga aircraft carrier photo etch parts here.

Kotobukiya store. About 5 minutes walk from JR Akihabara electric town exit.

Kotobukiya Akihabara Store – Floor Guide

Tam Tam Hobby Store which more specified in scale model and remote control tools.

Jungle hobby 1st shop in Akihabara, they have 2nd store inside RadioKaikan 7th floor, famous shop for Japan anime/TV series action figure e.g Kamen Rider, Transformer, Playart Kai etc, model kits, tools and materials also available.
Here are their online store.

Beside Akihabara, i also went to other place, there is a department store Yamada located near JR Ikkebukuro station. Which have whole floor for Gundam model kits.

Labi in Shibuya also have some selection of Gunpla, 6th floor of the building.

For craft work and DIY materials, can visit Tokyu Hands department store, there is several store in Tokyo, but i just went to Ikkebukuro store. The DIY departments are like treasures they have variety of supply e.g wood, leather, fabric, even hobby modeler can find nice material and tools. They even sell Godhand here, and the price are slightly cheaper compare to hobby store.

Actually there is still more hobby store i haven’t visit, too many things to see. Here is a more complete coverage of the hobby store in Tokyo. The downside is, it’s only for AFV modeler, Gunpla only shop doesn’t show here, some hobby shop do have mixture of Gunpla and other scale models,