Tamiya Headquarter

It been 3 months plus since i return from my Japan trip, but i haven’t finish posting my trip photo, don’t worry i will concentrate in scale model and hobby information. ( Since i create this site for scale models)

I visited Tamiya HQ on the last day of Shizuoka Show (sunday), It’s about 5 min drive from Twin Messe exhibition hall to Tamiya HQ (google maps: https://goo.gl/maps/Q6GZTXLK4222 ) Took taxi with friends so that can share the fare. (Cheapskate mode). There are few scale model factory and HQ located at Shizuoka prefecture but I was informed that Tamiya having an open day in conjunction with Shizuoka show. Bandai HQ also located nearby, but we didn’t visit this time.

There are some real bike and car display outdoor. Great for reference.

The Tamiya museum open from Sunday till Friday (close on Saturday and public holiday)

Indoor also got some bike and car displayed. I find it really cute that they display the real bike and the scale down model beside.

This scale up 4WD is functional, not just static statute.

See how it’s make

Driving the Giant mini 4WD

Lots of display on Tamiya products.

They even have mini 4WD tracks and also workshop for kids.

There’s a cafeteria, outdoor tracks and shop on the rooftop. All the merchandise there got 30% off, not sure the discount whole time or only on specific day. It’s perfect time to restock on the tools and materials.

I didn’t take photo of the warehouse sales, which located at the Ground floor / basement, the price are crazy even up to 60% sales, not just Tamiya but some other brand as well.

A must visit for modeler and you might surprised on the ‘treasure’ you can find. Definitely will be back next year. 🙂