GIC 2.0 single blade cutter

Received this cutter last Thursday, just got time to write review about this cutter.

When mention about single blade cutter, one cannot omit Godhand Ultimate cutter, as they are the one who pioneer in this design. Also up until now, their cutter seem to be the benchmark for single blade cutter, in term of the sharpness and perfect cutting.

Here are the side by side comparison for both cutter, been using this Godhand for more than 2 years, and it’s been a while since i clean it, so it’s a bit rusty, but fear not, the performance still in top notch.

GIC 2.0 blade are longer, and thicker. It does look more durable, compare to the super thin blade of Godhand ultimate.

Now, time to cut some sprue, I also compare with Tamiya 74123 (sharp pointed cutter a.k.a slim jaw). This time i use clear part sprue, (it’s harder to get clean cut on clear parts compare to normal sprue), clear blue (Bandai HG Force Impulse Gunpla) and clear (Bandai 1/144 Mil Falcon).

It seem like clear blue sprue are harder and it crack very easy.

amiya slim jaw performance not good for this clear blue part.

odhand some tiny stress mark. Won’t be visible with eye.

GIC 2.0 didn’t crack the sprue but got minor stress mark.

Clear sprue are not as fragile as the blue one, hmm maybe due to the chemical they use.

amiya cut nicely, just some minor stress mark.

odhand, perfect cut.

GIC 2.0, not bad at all.

After tested this cutter, i would say it’s a good buy, it’s half almost to 1/3 of Godhand Ultimate price.

The blade is not as perfect as Godhand and also the ‘cut plastic like butter feel’ not that obvious, It’s hard to describe the handling feel :p
Here the link of purchase in case you interested.