K Colors demonstration gathering

Hi peps, It been a month since my last blog post. Nothing much to share and I had been very lazy to take photos of my progress. Finally decided to break my silence, and going to share some new colors which going to make available in SEA soon.

Okay, K colors is a company base in Italy, which been producing colors for cars e.g Ferrari and Lamborghini, and they also have colors for custom car painting. It’s water base resin paints which is pre-thinned and less odor. Here is their website, http://www.kcolors.com/

The demonstration gathering was organized by K colors, Sapzai Workshop and Gundam Toy Shop.

Venue was at Gundam Toy Shop, Sunway Mentari Business Centre. http://www.gundamtoyshop.com

Demonstrator and K color CEO, Christian Kolors Bertolini.

Christian is very professional, he did all the demonstration and also share the knowledge of airbrushing with us. Throughout the demonstration, he just clean his airbrush with water, K colors is very easy to use, no need to thin (this i find it easy for beginner as most of them have difficulties with thinning ratio etc). Reducer (thinner) available for the paints as well.

One of the attraction is the Chrome plating color. I could say it’s ‘newbieproof’, hehehe, very easy to use, no need super gloss black base, black base make the chrome darker tone.

Both of the spoon above is white color base, smooth surface, the right side is overnight the left one is newly spray, which mean the longer time to let it set, it get more shinny. Also it’s more tolerant to mistake e.g over spray and splashes are less visible. Resistant to scratches, but still need to be careful with oily hand.

Here are more of the demonstration using K color.

Candy orange over chrome plating.

rackle medium effect. Base color black -> crackle medium -> white -> yellow and red for tone.

Mable effect. Black base -> White/silver -> make marble effect with disposable plastic glove or food wrap etc -> candy orange  (the color i might mistake, too much info that day)  :p

Wrinkle effect. Medium which make the paints wrinkle and it look like cast iron effect.

Sorry for the blurry photo, using my phone camera.

It’s an eye opening gathering, and glad that i learn new stuff and techniques. As for the price and local seller of this paint, everything still in preparation. Hope to see them launch soon.

Not to forget this gathering also enable me to meet with other gunpla modeler which is part of the k color team, Fransiska Fortunata (Indonesia GBWC 2013 Champion, first female champ), Ifan (Scratchbuild revolution author), Tai Ho Ma (Hong Kong GBWC 2014 champion).