Pla-zone in Animangaki 2016

This is the 4th year pla-zone been invited for display in Animangaki, it start out just only one person (me) manning the booth until now we have around 10 person helping out.

New display

What make this year so special is that we also invited our old friend Chan Wei Eik to display the 3D printer and to introduce how it function, beside that we also invited 2 local sculptors Jones Chua and Hector Lim to display their work. Both traditional and technology way to custom scale model/ creation.

plazone04 plazone05 plazone06 plazone0714068345_10154330857096328_8482130939097202574_o

Some sample of the 3D print out.

14067752_10154328268691328_8574677856151546730_o 14102922_10154328269126328_3856312849877964661_o 14115490_10154328269356328_8321089730606897418_o

Also display the works of our members, from OOB plastic model to resin repaints. Clean build to weathering and diorama, as long as it’s scale models.

plazone01plazone03 plazone02

A guideline and sample for the audience what the tools and step for building plastic models.


We also have section for the crowds to try how to scratch build with pla-plate. With some simple guide, can SB a cube on the spot.


In case feeling nostalgic and wanna look back our previous display, do head to the link below.

I didn’t have much photo in 2013. So i gonna skip this year.

Animangaki 2014

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