Hero Vs Villain – 1st MML competition 2016 – Record

Hero vs Villain – MML competition had concluded on 28 August 2016. With more than 75% of turnout rate, 68 registered participant, 52 submitted entries. The gathering was held during Animangaki, in the collector’s dungeon.

The result, this round we have 2 silvers, 11 Bronze, 39 Merit. The points are accumulated from 5 judges and calculate the average. In case you wondering how the awards been given, here is some read http://www.beckycustomizer.com/blog/2016/05/05/hero-vs-villain-1st-mml-competition-2016/

Setting up the place

The setting up start in afternoon before Animangaki, I was helping out in Pla-zone booth and did lend a hand. Participants started to submit their entry late evening around 7-8pm.

setup01 setup02 setup03 setup04 setup05 setup06.


Here are the entries.

Other display

Beside display entries for competition, we also invited our last year GBWC champ and this year mid year champ to display their work during the competition.

display01 display02


MML had invited 5 judges for the competition, think newbie might familiar with Ronnie Phoon and Shermen Lim as for other 3, some ‘seasoned’ modelers might recognize them as ebasenet (forums name), as they very active during forums time which i think almost 10 years ago, they just started to active in Facebook recently by sharing their old works. ebasenet which consist of Eric Yap, Whitebase (Jit Seng) and G-net (Kok Teng), it’s a great honor able to invite them, they indeed inspired me a lot during my newbie time.

ric Yap

Ronnie Phoon


hermen Lim (left), Whitebase (right)


The special prizes winners and souvenirs for the judges.

w01 w02 w03 w04 w05 w06 w07 w08 w09 w10 w11 w12 w13 w14 w15 w17 w18 w19 w20 w21


Greatest gratitude to our sponsors who put so much support and trust in us.
Tytroum hobby,
RGS Hobby pua.
LE perfectoyz,
station wenxin,
plamo hobby centre,
Gundam Toy Shop,
Infinite Creation workshop,
E7 model paints,
Becky Customizer Store.



Finally, a big thanks for all those who had work hard this few months. MML committees which consist of members from Pla-zone, PAC (Plamo Art Club), Gunpla Modeller, GMF (Gundam Malaysia Fans), SML (Scale Modelers Lounge), GBase Kuantan, Mentakab Toys Club, Plamo Etc, KGB.

Also not to forget those who participate and make this event a success. Hope to see you guys again next year!!