Gunpla Workshop 01

I had collaborated with on Gunpla Workshop, which taken place at SDCC(Selangor Digital Creative Centre), i-city, Shah Alam. The workshop was actually done in 25 June 2016, I just got time to blog about it.

Here are some of the photo taken by
DSC_0040 DSC_0043 DSC_0047 DSC_0051 DSC_0065 DSC_0069

Short video which done by

The contents for this workshop are some basic skill which I gave the tips on how to remove nub marks and seam lines, also to DIY own tools for panel line and details.
Here are some example i done with the DIY tools.
Untitled-1 untitled-2
he steps for create such tools are kinda easy and will only reveal for the workshop at the moment. (Muahahaha, evil plan coming.)

So for those who had missed my previous workshop, not to worry the coming workshop will be on 3rd September 2016, same venue. Do book your workshop at web store, here is the link (Enroll while still early bird price.)
The basic workshop will be run for another round before proceed to advance level.

As i mentioned earlier the workshop was done in SDCC, i-city. It’s actually a working space run by Selangor state government under SITEC (Selangor Information Technology and E-Commerce Council). The working environment in SDCC are open office concept, and they even have co-work space for rent, so the renter can use the facilities in the office compound, such as wifi, photo studio etc. More info do check out their web site,
IMG_0557 IMG_0558 IMG_0559

They event have other leisure facility, such as mini library, table tennis, pool table etc.
IMG_0563 IMG_0564IMG_0562

Cafeteria where you can have some refreshment.

Conference room and workshop space.

IMG_0561 IMG_0565