Hero vs Villain – 1st MML Competition 2016

Well, some of you who follow my Facebook page would probably saw me promoting this competition for the past few weeks. Before going into the Hero vs Villain competition, let me introduce what is MML.

MML a.k.a Malaysia Modeler League, it started as an idea or maybe an ‘system’ for scale model gathering/competition. It had been used in local group build for years, from automotive scale model to gunpla. Do check out Raymond Loke blog, Dream Catcher for the story behind MML. The recent Super Fumina Group Build also use the same system, super funima gb

Now, MML had evolved and become a ‘League’ and alliance among Malaysia Facebook Gunpla group. Well, another way to put this – it’s just like Justice League where heroes are unite/assemble for a common goal. But we are not assemble for fighting extra terrestrial being or join intergalactic warfare, hehehe. Just to promote the fun of gunpla (In a more organized and serious way).

More than 6 facebook group participate and volunteer as MML committee, and it’s only stand for current competition, the position and task will change in future if there is another competition or event.

Okay, back to Hero vs Villain competition. Finally, MML able to organized it’s own competition. The title is same as Animangaki’s Hobby & Collectible Community’s theme (if i not mistaken), special thanks to Darren Lee Kar Hoe for arranging and sponsor venue for the competition. So, for those who interested to take part or just to visit, remember this date: 27 & 28 August at Sunway Pyramid Convention Center.

The registration is already open, and will last until 31st May 2016. Head here to register, Hero vs Villain registration. There is a registration fees of RM20 per person, for administration, marketing, prizes etc. No worry peeps, the organizer had secured some sponsors and those who participate and with their entry displayed will be eligible for appreciation prizes (goody bag lah for short). No one go back home empty handed. hehehe. Beside that, every participants will get awards according to their points, example (the award still haven’t finalize, it might be certificate), this awards are for two wheeler group build from BBSTC (Big Boys Small Toys Club).
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Do like our facebook page for updates and feel free to share your build,  https://www.facebook.com/2016mml/?fref=ts

Now the boring part, going to state the rules and regulation for the competition

Rules and Regulations

  1. Open to all Malaysian citizens only.
  2. Each participant is allowed to submit only one (1) entry.
  3. Each entry must be made with Gundam model kit from any manufacturers.
  4. Each entry must be made to meet either the Hero or the Villain theme.
  5. Each entry must be made by the participant.
  6. Each entry must be made to meet the MML judging criteria.
  7. Each entry must be registered with the organizer.
  8. Each entry must be made within the restricted dimension of 30cm (width) x 30cm (height) x 30cm (length).
  9. Participants are not allowed to enter other people’s work and claimed it as their own entries.
  10. Maximum 70 entries will be accepted based on first come first serve basis.

* Entries that do not comply with the rules & regulations shall be disqualified.


How MML judging system work?

MML judging system is different from traditional style which always having 1, 2, 3 position. For MML judging system every entries will be granted a ranking base on points given by the judges, which the rank consist of platinum, gold, silver, bronze and merit.

The advantage of having MML judging system is that every piece of work is judge base on its own merit, without regard to competing entries. In our view, it pay more respect to all the entries, and award the modeler’s hard work for the entry.

Under traditional competition, awards are often determined by “who show up” in the same category entries, for example a very good entry entered a highly competitive category may receive nothing as there can only be three awards for the category. Under MML judging system, that entry may be given silver, gold or platinum award if it’s good enough.

Under traditional competition, there’s ‘lucky’ element in it. As the entries are judged in favor of the organization or judge’s preference. For example, one good entry may win nothing when the completed work doesn’t show the ‘image’ that organization or judge looking for. Under MML judging system, as the panel committee and panel judge are form from scale model enthusiast and volunteer, we reduce the luck impact. All the work are judge without consent of commercial or marketing gimmick.

The number of awards given in each ranking is not fixed. If there’s five entries which deserve the awards of gold, we will give five gold, same as other ranking. MML judging system is just a system, it can be used in different group build and the awards amount will be different, it’s all depend on the seriousness of the participants, for example in a short and fun group build, the awards might have more bronze and merit compare to a more organized competition, where the awards may have more gold and silver.

MML judging system uses a consistent scoring system can also provide feedback to the modeler by providing him or her after the event conclusion, with the judge’s advice and comment. In this way, they can see what the judges saw and grow as a modeler.

Judging criteria and awards

MML judge panel will change according to the organizing committee’s decision, but the judging criteria are the same. Here are the break down how the judges allocate the total of 1000 pts.

Fundamental work: which refer to seamline removal, nip mark sanding, surface finishing, paints work, tidiness of panel line, decal work etc. (350 pts.)
Creativity: Refer to color scheme, modification, scratch build, kitbash, special effects etc. (350 pts)

Presentation: Diorama, storytelling, display & pose etc. (300 pts)

Platinum 1000 pts – 971pts Top notch work, it’s near perfection in the fundamental work, creativity and presentation. Work like this is an instant classic and modeler around the world will talk about and treat as reference and even benchmark.

Gold 901-970 Outstanding work, with very few flaws in the 3 criteria. A work people will adore and remember would be one of the piece that win a spot on the podium.


Silver 900 – 751 Very good work, may display some flaws in the 3 criteria. This may demonstrate that the modeler mastered the basic work but need further improvement, consider strong opponent in competition, definitely giving pressure to other competitors.

Bronze 750 – 501 Good work, it would appear that the modeler avoided some significant errors, might not shining star in competition level, however it has its own characteristic that make it suitable for exhibition, display and sharing.

Merit 0 – 500 Completed work, this award may display that the modeler have mastered fundamental work but lack in one or two of the criteria.


I guess that’s it for now, it a long blog, hope no one fall asleep reading. For any inquiry, head to MML facebook page and PM us. https://www.facebook.com/2016mml/?fref=ts Hope to see you guys there.  🙂