Super Fumina Group Build in CTFKL 3

A small GB initiated and organized by Pak Mael, with builds create from Bandai 1/144 scale HGBF Super Fumina.

The GB time frame is about 5 months, and 12 builds make it for the gathering, which was held in conjunction with CTFKL3, display under GBase Kuantan booth.
I was invited as judge together with Boy Alexi. In case some of you not recognize him, maybe this build will ring a bell. Most awesome Denial Gundam i seen.
As for the judging part, it’s base on Malaysia Modeler League style (I will go through this MML thing in my next post). The builds is given rank base on the point given by judges, either platinum, gold, silver, bronze or merit.
Platinum = 1000 – 971
Gold = 970 – 901
Silver = 900 – 751
Bronze = 750 – 501
Merit = 500 and below
Here are some photo for the build. Photo credit to respective builder and  Shariff Zyer Gito.

The result for the build (average points from both judges)

 Cenas Chai- 590 Bronze Rank

Fadhil Ibrahim – 685 Bronze Rank

Evaritus Lau – 570 Bronze Rank

Pak Mael – 910 Gold Rank

Shariff Zyer Gito – 550 Bronze Rank

Tan Ying Jun – 587 Bronze Rank

Firdaus Hairee – 627 Bronze Rank

Muhamed Sukry – 562 Bronze Rank

Hafizan Nasir – 525 Bronze Rank

Amurita Chan – 772 Silver Rank

Kenji Nagasaki – 545 Bronze Rank

Wan Zeong – 455 Merit Rank

Some of the photo during gathering and prize present.
13062546_1109839825721617_5417089595508163743_n 13077057_1109839849054948_5476962326589036098_n13041114_10209302746427327_7179106893006400533_o 13055142_10209302684985791_581229235387412290_o 13072667_10209302693025992_9062111040247091856_o 13071750_10209302703146245_3104292218533522603_o

CTFKL (Collectors Toy Fair Kuala Lumpur) is an renown event for toys collectors in Malaysia, this year is the third event organized by the same organizer, and was held at Dewan Perdana Keramat Mall. The very special thing about this event are, it’s organized by toy collectors and without big sponsor, or big brand. A successful event, and it’s packed with people, barely have space to move. phew…
Here’s video cover by Awesome Toys. I appear in 2:30  >_< haha.

Although it’s a small group build, but it is a lot of fun meeting new friends and gunpla modelers. Now, let’s start with the next group build, which is very interesting topic as well, it’s call Insectoid Group Build. The gathering tentatively planned for Hobby Expo which is end of July. Well, hope the completed build will increase. All the best, hope i can finish mine as well.  🙂