Litt Tak Hobby Centre

Litt Tak Sdn Bhd is a toys importer / supplier, and official Gunpla distributor in Malaysia. They even work closely with Bandai for Gunpla events e.g Gundam Model Kit Contest, Gunpla Builder World Cup (GBWC), etc. They have a retail shop Litt Tak Hobby Center, located at Sg. Wang Plaza, and it just relocated and renovated recently (move from 6th floor to 3rd floor).

It been a long time i didn’t visit this place (more than half year). Just got some spare time yesterday, so i took a quick look around.

littak01 littak02 littak03
t look more spacious than before.

littak04 littak06 littak07
Gunpla, their price are slightly higher compare to parallel importer, but they will have discount and warehouse sales occasionally, some of the kits are very cheap during warehouse sales, also it depend on luck. Litt Tak warehouse are located at Cheras, nearby Giant superstore Taman Connaught.


Here’s some other products they carry beside Gunpla and Bandai toys. They even have Tomica toys.

littak05 littak08 littak09 littak10 littak11 littak12 littak13 littak14

For those who wanna join Gundam Model Kit Contest or Gunpla Builder World Cup, you can get the form here, just ask the staff for the form, buy a gunpla model kits, any kit you like, if you want to save cost and just want to register for the competition, get a SD gunpla or Petite’guy. Then fill in the form on the spot, they will staple the receipt of your purchase with the form, and you done register.

As for other who can’t visit Litt Tak hobby center, you can mail the form to Litt Tak office, the form are available at toy department of Jusco, and also Toy’R Us, even some hobby store have them. Fill in the form and cut the gunpla box with the bar code and Litt Tak sticker (as seen in the pic below), remember to include the receipt of the purchase, also not to forget that only particular time frame of purchase are eligible for entering the contest (refer to the Rules and Regulations on the form). Some will ask why so troublesome with such procedure? To be frank, it’s business, and they need sales. It’s those figures which keep the events alive, so why no support Litt Tak once in a while. 😉
There’s some hobby store which also distribute Gunpla from Litt Tak, just look for the sticker.

littak15 littak16

There’s another retail shop coming, it will open at USJ Da:men shopping mall. Not sure what it going to call yet, hopefully it’s Gundam Base, and finally Malaysia will have our own Gundam Base.  :p  :p