New kids on the HAW

Pun intended title :p
Photo taken last month when i visited Singapore, just got time to edit and upload.

HAW a.k.a Hobby Art @Work, I visited this shop last year June,  , now it got new creation on display. Jesta Geminion by Ifan Cusianto (Indonesia), creation which featured in Scratch build Revolution. It look more awesome in real thing, very fine detailing.

haw01 haw02 haw03 haw04 haw05 haw06 haw07 haw08 haw09 haw10 haw11 haw12 haw13 haw14 haw15 haw16 haw17

Another new kid is Perfect Strike by Toymaker. Really awesome build, i’m impress with the mod and details.

haw18 haw19 haw20 haw21 haw22 haw23 haw24 haw25 haw26 haw27 haw28