M workshop Minicon 01 sci-fi fantasy.

Minicon 01, it’s an gathering / event organize by M workshop. With the topic of sci-fi and fantasy. M workshop is a scale model shop located at 91 Bencoolen St Sunshine Plaza #01-58, Singapore. It’s about 9 minutes walk from Bugis MRT.

The gathering and participant. I join with 1/72 vanship, not really finish, just join the fun.  :p   :p
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More photo can be seen, here. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1022285374511865.1073741851.181133751960369&type=3&uploaded=27

Had a quick look inside the shop, pack with kits, model supplies and book / references. They have AK-interactive product and other weathering tools as well, the place is packed, dun have chance to take photo…
IMG_5982 IMG_5984 IMG_5987 IMG_5988 IMG_5989 IMG_5990 IMG_5991 IMG_5992 IMG_5993 IMG_5994 IMG_5995 IMG_5996 IMG_5997
There are 6 minicon in 2016,
Feb – sci-fi + Fantasy
April – Armor Fighting Vehicle
June – Automobile
Aug – Aircraft
Oct – Naval Vessels
Dec – Figure + DioramaMore info can be found at their facebook pages, https://www.facebook.com/themworkshop/?fref=ts