Peter & Partner, Central Park, Jakarta

First day in Jakarta, Indonesia, dinner at central park mall, was told that there’s a hobby shop in this mall, so i make a short visit to the store. Was amaze with the displays at the shop, not to mention the tools and materials are quite sufficient.

Peter and partner. Located at level 3 of central park mall.

IMG_5013 IMG_5014IMG_5028
Aisle of model kits and display on top.

IMG_5028 IMG_5038 IMG_5045

Paints and magazine
IMG_5015 IMG_5016 IMG_5017 IMG_5018 IMG_5019 IMG_5020 IMG_5021
Some tools. There are more at the counter which i didn’t take pic.
IMG_5001 IMG_5002 IMG_5012 IMG_5049IMG_5050IMG_5059

Plenty of works displayed there and some collection of the owner.

IMG_4987 IMG_4988 IMG_4989 IMG_4990 IMG_4991 IMG_4992 IMG_4993 IMG_4994 IMG_4995 IMG_4996 IMG_4998 IMG_4999 IMG_5000 IMG_5003 IMG_5004 IMG_5005 IMG_5006 IMG_5007 IMG_5008 IMG_5009 IMG_5010 IMG_5011 IMG_5022 IMG_5023 IMG_5024 IMG_5025 IMG_5026 IMG_5030 IMG_5031 IMG_5032 IMG_5033 IMG_5034 IMG_5035 IMG_5036 IMG_5037 IMG_5039 IMG_5040 IMG_5041 IMG_5042 IMG_5043 IMG_5046 IMG_5047 IMG_5053 IMG_5054 IMG_5055 IMG_5056 IMG_5057 IMG_5058 IMG_5061 IMG_5062 IMG_5063 IMG_5064 IMG_5065 IMG_5066 IMG_5067

Even have a work desk in the shop.
IMG_5029 IMG_5044

Definitely a heaven for scale modeler. Plenty to look at and the price is fair.