Chrome paint ver. 3

I love to explore new paints and try them out. Got my hand on some new paints, so i let it a try and compare to those i had. I done some test before this,
This time using 40psi pressure, a method i find it much easier to apply chrome paints. Here’s the result of the testing.

Glossy black as base (lacquer), i did top coat and compound them. Make sure no oil/grease on the surface.


Magic powder from modo. It’s powder and apply with cotton pad. Very shiny but it’s darker color, look more like dark chrome. Before apply must make sure the surface is free from any oil that include finger print, do not touch the parts after apply the powder. It’s advise to apply on parts which not easy to touch, e.g piston.


MK-08 super real silver from Modo (18ml). Kinda tricky to apply, easy to get foggy and become normal silver, make sure to apply only light layers. Resistant to nail scratches.


GP-07 Premium Silver Plate from Gaianote (30ml), new paint just release April/May this year. Resistant to nail scratches. According to their official website it can be clear coat with acrylic-base topcoat (something i still need to test)


M-08 Silver plate next from mr hobby (18ml), can be buff slighly. Resistant to nail scratches.


S60 stainless steel mirror from sunin7 (15ml), very surprise with this brand, it actually shinier than i expect, resistant to scratches and be can buff a little.


Alc-107 Chrome from AlcladII (1oz about 29ml), one of my favorite chrome paints. Need extra precaution as very sensitive to oily surface and easy to scratch off.


10000 ultimate mirror chrome from spazstix (2oz about 59ml). One of the famous chrome paint among RC cars paints, same price with alcladII chrome but double the volume, too bad the shipping from the US cost a bomb. Unless you are chrome freak like me, then you can get this paints at ebay. Con are this paint easily scratch off.


b4ALC-205 holomatic spectral chrome from AlcladII (1 oz about 29ml), not really a chrome, lol. It’s kinda interesting paint with rainbow color reflection. Easy to scratch off.


b3S70 Prism from Sunin7, also very interesting color with rainbow light reflection. Resist nail scratches.

Surprise finding on the sunin7 brand, their special color are really something. Durable and nice effect, comparable with AlcladII color.
One of the con of chrome paints are they easily oxide or get scratches, top coat will help to prevent the oxide and scratches and think gonna try some different topcoat which able to seal these chrome and if possible still retain the shine. Okay, till next time.