HG Beargguy III (san) ver. double happiness

HG Beargguy III ver. double happiness, limited release for Gundam Docks Hong Kong II.

The Box art.

IMG_4228IMG_4231  IMG_4230

The manual it’s same as the normal version Beargguy san, with an additional instruction manual for the double happiness stickers.

IMG_4235 IMG_4238 IMG_4237 IMG_4236IMG_4239

What make it special beside the box art are the color of the parts and this double happiness stickers.

IMG_4232 IMG_4233
Double Happiness is Chinese traditional ornament design commonly used for marriage. It compose of 2 “喜” (xi) (Happy/happiness), which commonly found in gift items for bride and groom.

It make complete sense of releasing it for Hong Kong Gundam Docks, beside for married couple it also can mean joy, an auspicious decoration for Chinese community.

The release date really coincide with my friend’s marriage, it’s kinda meaningful and i have no idea what to give her :p . Since she and husband build gunpla, it’s the perfect gifts for them. >_<

IMG_4241 IMG_4240