WIP: Pla-zone Miao Zai

Pla-zone miao zai, it’s a mascot of the plamo group i active and co-admin. It’s design by pla-zone members, Jacque Wong and Shermen Lim. The name derive from Cantonese mean little cat, yes it’s a mechanic cat, with the tail of power plug.
As mention in my previous blog post, the build it’s for  HAW Petitg Guy Group Build.
Using Petitg Guy given by Kenny Lim a.k.a Toymaker, have difficulties to bought it locally.
Anyway, here is some progress.

IMG_20150619_000726The shape of the head is very similar to miao zai.

IMG_20150619_000506Scribbling line for the cat face.

IMG_20150619_012328Add the ear with pla-plate.

IMG_20150619_030030 IMG_20150620_143509

Back of the ear, done some filling with epoxy putty.

IMG_20150624_174551Done scribbling the eye, teeth and construct the nose with epoxy putty.

IMG_20150623_181441Build the tail with pla-tube bend with heat from hair dryer.

IMG_20150624_185453Build the apron with epoxy putty and finalize the shape of the tail.

IMG_20150626_035915After airbrush, need to touch up with hand paint and flat coat it.

Photo from instagram. After hand paint and ready for top coat.

11216823_10153172083719213_3626272818583703817_n 11401451_10153172083779213_2810290652148002522_n (1)Done.

IMG_20150626_195236 IMG_20150627_052409

Packed and ready for flight.

10430903_10153174418409213_2089988660657181952_nJoined the group in HAW

P6271600 Photo Courtesy: Toymakerinc.blogspot.sg

Now it display at HAW among it’s other friends. Will visit him when i go Singapore again.
This consider the most meaningful and cute build i ever have. Cute thing is not really my favorite, i more prefer on coolness and awesomeness. haha.
Also the first time joined oversea group build gathering, it’s fun to meet and greet new friends in the mean time meetup with one of my mentor, Kenny Lim a.k.a Toymaker.