Chrome paints

I received some new paints from Modo Malaysia last few weeks, just got some time to try on the recommended silver paint which have high reflective and close to chrome effect. I compare it with the other paints which quite famous among the modelers.

The test subjects for today. ( All of them is pre diluted, no need to add any thinner anymore)

IMG_20150602_164553From left mr hobby plate silver next (SM08), Alclad II Chrome (ALC107), Modo super real silver (MK08)

IMG_20150602_120111 IMG_20150602_122512 (1)


Before paint the chrome paint, i prepare the base make it as glossy and reflective as possible, the base is as important as the reflective paints. I paint the base with gaia pure black follow by mr hobby super clear III, after left them dry for a day, i start to polish with polishing cloth then follow by compound.

The chrome paint is spray with low pressure as recommended by most chrome paints manufacture. I use 10 psi, slowly coat the black base with thin layer of chrome paint, the result are before buffing. mrhobbySM08 (mr.hobby) after buff with cotton pad.

alcladIIALC107 (alclad II)  after buffing

modoMK08 (Modo) after buffing

Here is my observation on the paints, the points and factors which can help u to choose which paints to get or use.

Price: Modo have the advantage in term of pricing, it’s about 30% or more cheaper than the other, SM08 cost the most.

Silver particle: ALC107 have the finest particle, almost can’t notice it,  SM08 and MK08 is almost similar.

Brightness: ALC107 have the brightest shine, MK08 look more silver than SM08, due to SM08 its darker and yellowish.

Durability: MK08 and SM08 both can withstand nail scratch and oily finger, as for alclad need to be careful even during buffing with cotton pad.

Forgot to mention their volume, both MK08 and SM08 are 18ml, Alclad is 1 fl oz roughly around 29.5ml. So the price per ml, Alclad take the lead, mr hobby at the last.
Done a mistake during testing, i didn’t read the instruction for the Modo paints, it’s recommended to paint with 30-40 psi air pressure. This keep me wonder, does this effect on the other brand as well? Will do another testing on high pressure painting, see how it goes. Stay tuned.

High pressure air brush result: