Repaint Sideshow Collectibles Grey Hulk

Commissioned to repaint sideshow collectibles grey hulk.11098359_1580286248904774_275872713_nThe original grey hulk are kinda pale. Client want it darker tone which look more intimidate.


IMG_20150430_16382911191319_442727439239194_908082160_nI highlight the muscle and painted the veins with red and little of blue.

The base skin color is mixture of mr color 331 and mr color 324. Follow with highlight and shadow.

IMG_20150421_15524611236359_370673949800555_436066669_nIMG_20150506_014120The base i paint with lifecolor dark brown and filter and wash with mr weathering color, satin brown. The concrete i add some filters with tamiya panel line accent ( black and grey mixture).

The completed gallery,