WIP: Evil Ryu

All the photos here are actually copy from my instagram account. I update my progress spontaneously, you guys can follow my instagram account @becky_customer https://instagram.com/becky_customizer/

This WIP is to gather up all the progress i done and for easy viewing.

I had done a simple review on this resin some time back, you guys can check out here, http://www.beckycustomizer.com/miniatures/e2046-garage-kits-streets-fighter-ry/

Okay, here is the progress for the pass 2 weeks.

928885_840453175990450_1100441684_nIt’s an fairly easy kits with just few part, i pin the parts with plastic sprue (recycle purpose) and small parts with brass rod.

11137984_1436403566669668_1710424122_nBuild the base with packaging foam, EPE foam.

11116823_1180047235348108_1641421129_nCover up the EPE foam with PVC board. Easy to cut and drill. Can paint on it too.

11117212_746642282117333_992334_nTesting on the auro effect, thinking to create hatsu no hado (purple / red aura) but this idea was scrapped in the end.

11137871_883767755020420_1516555901_nFill up the PVC board with pye’s puttyfilla and hammered it after dry. The ripples effect is done with epoxy putty.

11137878_1022018261159318_667223251_nThe base after painted. It’s actually consist of few layer of paints, acrylic sand color, different tone. Filter with enamel paint, and follow by few light spray of acrylic color, dry brush on some area and details, filter with enamel paint again.
Really sorry i have no steps by steps photos, because i dun really know what i doing …. :p

11142173_923453871009294_717664764_nCustomize this ryu into evil ryu so i create scar at the chest, this is the initial custom i made, i widen the scar after got some feedback from friend.

11123682_1602582976654536_2143740725_nCreate the ‘metsu’ kanji at the back, my handwriting in calligraphy. Long time didn’t practice them.

11138042_1572390329709959_585700992_nEngrave the calligraphy with needle.

11123891_1590253007881257_199038512_nPaint the flesh color first, i use mr hobby tan (no. 44) with mr hobby chocolate brown (No. 406) to get the base tone, highlight and shade. Evil Ryu skin tone is darker same as Akuma.

11176216_1592132187720158_1763377149_nProceed with painting the Gi, mixture of intermediate blue with cobalt blue, also add in black or white for the highlight and shade. Paint the details with Vallejo acrylic with fine paint brush.

11186949_374727686046918_546538423_n11187103_456577437825504_1259312256_nDidn’t realize the gaps at the back, have to putty and fill it up, wrap the painted figure with plastic wrapper to avoid my sticky fingers from ruin the paint work.

11142821_440304872797849_33883524_nThis is after paint everything with the aura effect painted. It still weird, look like snake, blood, tree roots etc but nothing like aura……

11191504_105097976488516_242053345_nPlant some grass with corn silk, and create tumbleweed with coconut husk fiber.

Completed gallery, http://www.beckycustomizer.com/completed-works-gallery/#3018