WIP: 1/9 Dragon Iron Man mk 42

11038730_10152984516679213_9168738110125734126_n1/9 dragon iron man mk 42. Bought it 2 years back, now it sold and commissioned to build it.

11116879_1429328420697176_1648393640_nIt’s quiet straight forward build, fitting very good, just got flesh and mold line to remove. the paint work i start with black base then follow by mr hobby sm 08 silver plate. Mask with masking fluid Neo.

10946287_1625113517701761_2078402664_nCustom mix the gold color, i use starbright gold, GX clear gold, GX clear silver and some silver plate, forgot the ratio of each mix. :p  It end up a semi translucent color, need to paint the base with silver plate first before the gold. Follow by another round of masking.11101982_834957269874134_127917314_n

After intensive masking time to paint the clear red on the gold. The result after reveal the masking tape, got some masking error, so i just touch up with brush and panel line to cover some flaws. :p

549438_10152984381034213_4888461264517776854_nDragon models are quite modeler friendly, they even create a hole which same size as the sprue, so no need to find other brass rod just use the extra sprue to pin the figure to base.

11078246_10152984381329213_4985478288695463189_nAfter complete the figure, time to move to the base, i use some sample tiles my brother gave me, mix with some miniature bricks i bought some time ago (I like to collect material even though i don’t need at that moment).

22605_10152984381944213_3501420963460678769_nBefore paint

11133850_10152984382344213_4195038867952777936_nAfter paint.

Completed gallery, http://www.beckycustomizer.com/completed-works-gallery/#2986