WIP: Zeon Prototype Walker Tank

The walker tank is a product from Fantasy Ausrüstung, the product name is FA- MK1, their facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/famodelkits

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Start selling at Canada / US, no news on releasing in Asia yet.

The casting of this kits are nice in details, just some parts require sanding and cleaning, few bubbles spotted and need fill up.


This is how the original parts look like after assemble.


Use solder wires to replicate the spring, 0.8mm and 1mm wires are used.


Added for all the 4 legs

IMAG0744 IMAG0745

Use MDF base. Then create the shape with Polyethylene Foam, those foam which use in packaging, can also use compressed foam. Cover the foam and base with wood putty.


This resin kits are meant for kitbashing and to create your own version. I choose the Japanese type97 Chi Ha from Tamiya to kitbash.
IMAG0746 IMAG0747Even add in extra rivet to enhance the details.


This is how it look after kitbash.


Start painting with prime follow by black flat color., then green on top of black.

IMAG0757After painted green, highlight on the inner side of the armor and details.


First time doing winter whitewash, using hairspray technique to get the chipping, follow by windex (window cleaner) wash away the acrylic white color. Better tutorial on winter whitewash can be found here, http://fichtenfoo.net/blog/tag/kv-x2/

IMAG0778Next i modify Bandai UC hardgraph figure, this is from the Ramba Ral commando set.


I use jute string to create the grass, it can even been dye into different color.


Snow effect is created by this mars snow powder, which i used in my previous Ma. K diorama too.

IMAG0783This is how it look after grass and tree planting, and sprinkle some snow powder.

More photo can be view at completed gallery, http://www.beckycustomizer.com/completed-works-gallery/#2816

 11032996_867390410008129_1113644316_nCurrently on it’s way to Singapore for Tamiya Stargek Mcon III, http://www.themworkshop.com/mcon_III_2015/ by using DHL express, very wallet pain, pray hard it arrive in one piece.