Interviewed by Awesome Toys Tv

Was approached by Michael Ong last December, about interviewing me for Awesome Toys Tv. It’s kinda scare me, because am not good in talking. Lucky i was given time to prepare for the script, he email me those questions which will be ask in the interview.

Awesome Toys is a toys channel which feature news, insights and interviews about  toys, collectibles, gunpla, anime and even some anime events. They even interviwed with Kawaguchi, find out more at their youtube channel,

Here is the video of my interview. Wearing Uniqlo Gundam t-shirt which signed by Katsumi Kawaguchi . hehehehehe. :p :p

I recommend to conduct the interview at the local workshop which i like to hangout. Infinite Creation Workshop a.k.a ICW, a place for scale modeling enthusiast. Place to learn and share the knowledge, they also sell tools and material. Do check out their facebook page, ICW

Also those builds feature in the video.









Missing one build, the RG Solomon Express, which still need some weathering enhancement and weapon add-on. :p So, it’s not in the completed gallery YET….