Weathering Captain America shield

As the shield of Captain America figure (Hot Toys) started to chip, its better to make a weathered shield out of it, with serious paint chip and burn mark / mud. Yes, you read it right, paint chip at the shield of an expensive figure, just like Hot Toys Ironman infamous pink panty, the Captain America figure also suffer the same quality issue as the paint started to crack and chip off.

Okay think i skip the whine and just get to the weathering topic. I was given a screen shot of the Captain America 2:Winter Soldier movie, as you can see the shield is full of smudge, think that is burn mark, and need to replicate that effect.
10519034_10202282048639844_2071175949_oBefore the smudge effect, i done chipping the paint and some filter of enamel paint, to make it dusty and dirty, then i seal it with top coat. 929125_667768356650283_1539982177_n

Next i randomly spray some enamel black on the shield.IMG_0625 Then i wipe it off with cotton bud dip with enamel thinner, make sure the work prior is seal with lacquer top coat.

IMG_0627So this is more and less the result i looking for, still need some cleaning to do. Hope this info helpful for weathering. As there are many ways and step in this, still practicing and learning. 🙂