Weather my HGUC Palace Athene

The HGUC Palace Athene was done for more than half year already,  clean build with some modification, can view the gallery here,

Since i out of time for new build, so i just gonna weather it and add a base for it.

I accidentally deleted the WIP photo of the process of how i weather my kits, so i just gonna explain it without much pictures.

I spray a layer of very thinned Testors Model Master Graungrün RLM 74 then i wipe it off the enamel thinner, using cotton bud, leaving some streak marks on the surface.

The paint chip is painted with very fine brush, using US Olive drab vallejo paint. Silver are boltgun metal from Citadel. Here is the comparison.

palaceAdd some LED on the base, with wool as smoke and explosion effect, still need some adjustment and enhancement there.  Photo can be seen here,