WIP: King Kong statue.

Very happy that i got the chance to work on a awesome sculpture, sculpted by Joe Bailey.

The limbs of the king kong are separated during molding, have to glue the limbs with epoxy glue for extra strong bonds.kkwip00The gaps between the limbs and body are very obvious even some area lost the details of the fur, have to resculpt it with bondite epoxy putty.

Bondite is a local brand of hardware putty, but it can be use for scale modelling and sculpting work. I worked on the putty with my Deathscythe Inferno as well.

Here i repair the fur on the butt.kkwip01 Fill up the gaps between limbs and restore some fur texture.kkwip02 Here’s how i work on the putty, with the aid of sculpting tools.kkwip03 Here is photo before the painting.kkwip04The figure is hand painted with vallejo acrylics, nice paint for figures and miniatures.

kkwip05Completed gallery, http://www.beckycustomizer.com/completed-works-gallery/#2142