Gunjap interview Gunpla Builders around the world.

Gunpla Build Fighters anime had come to an end last few week, it’s a very fun anime, not just help in Bandai’s sales it also fire up the spirits of existing gunpla builders, which including me. The story of Gunpla BF is somehow more relax, it’s about a world where kids and adults assemble their gunpla to battle against each other and to win in the GBWC (Gunpla Builder World Cup).

Now, in the real world (gunpla builders ‘fight’ each other in another form), Gunjap had launch a project, which is to interview real gunpla builders all around the world about their view on gunpla and GBWC, the project had been going for few weeks already with a lot of gunpla builders been interviewed. Even Katsumi Kawaguchi himself,

I felt very honor to be contacted by Gunjap and had the interview with him, kinda like hit a jackpot for me :p  Anyway, here is the interview i had,

For more of the interviews with other gunpla builders, can be view here, It’s kinda awesome to see people from around the world with same interest. Keep up the good work Gunjap!!!

In case you not aware of Gunjap, its actually a blog which feature any news regarding Gunpla, even custom works of other.