2014 Resolution

Brand New Year and same old resolution time :p

Reading back my 2013 resolution, got some achievement and still some not achieve yet. Need to change the plans and my working habits.

Okay, i build more kits compare to 2012, just merely 6 kits different. But didn’t expect to get hook on fiber optic and LED, its a great achievement for me, since i’m don’t know much about electronics.

Mentioned about learning weathering skill in my 2013 resolution, done it, and now need to improve it.

Another resolution – start on miniature/figures, done a miniature terrain, but don’t count as my intention back then is to start hand painting. So this year, need to print out the hand paint tutorial and really spend time on it.

Mentioned about doing a water diorama, failed. Need to start on it this year.

Mentioned starting military models, failed again. Sci-fi is my specialty but still need to learn it, and need to learn fast….. :p

So, basically 2014 resolution is to continue undone business. Just add one to the list, create own concept sci-fi mecha/vehicle and scratch build it. Really need to kick my own butt to get moving.