WIP: Hot Toys Iron Man mk 3 battle damaged

The second time i deal with Hot Toys Iron Man mk 3. So basically the disassemble is a little bit faster. The paint work going smoothly. 


Paint work is done about in a week plus, and the battle damages done in about 3-4 days.  Using new method (for me) with scratching and painting the damages. Love the outcome .


The clear red is custom mix of Gaianote clear red + mr. hobby GX clear dep red. Candy coat on top of silver with subtle shading.


Before hand over to the client, i asked his permission to display it along with my other works in animangaki 2013.935971_10151578905818202_398565228_nA great experience and exposure for me, met some new friend and i enjoy it really much. Forgot to bring my camera on both day (its lazy actually) so no much photo to share. :p

Anyway, here’s the gallery of this ‘sexy’ babe. http://www.beckycustomizer.com/completed-works-gallery/#1571