WIP: 1/100 kotobukiya Metal Gear Rex

Been a month since my last post in here. Its a long month indeed, screw up paints on the Knight Rider KITT, need to remove the paints and start from zero, lost mood and momentum …..  Should complete at least 2 kits this month seem like need to delay builds again….

Ok, enough of babbling, back to the topic. As mention in title here’s some step i  done on the Rex. I got this love and hate feeling for kotobukiya kits, love the details and the not-so main stream mecha they release, but i hate the fitting, some parts doesn’t fit well, where you need to slice the plastic to able fit it nicely, and the figurines is make out of PVC, soft and kinda hard to sand, but overall its a must get for MGS fans.

After snap-fit, took it apart and  pre-shade the mecha after prime.


Here is painted Rex, without the stripes.painted

Masked the pattern i want.masked

The result is nice, and its worth the time i spend on the masking.stripes

Panel lines with tamiya enamel black, i mix with humbrol enamel thinner. The circle part is with panel line, compare to the parts opposite side, it make the details and lines easier to see.

Hand paint the figure with fine brush.


Lastly was the base, use hairspray for the paint chip effect.

IMG_20130802_165538That’s it for now, more photo will upload at completed gallery soon.