Gundam mid year challenge 2013 Malaysia – winners

Gundam mid-year challenge 2013 Malaysia winners was announce on 9 June 2013, here is the photos of winners.

SONY DSCChampion

SONY DSC1st runner up

SONY DSC2nd runner up


SONY DSCJunior cat. champion

SONY DSCJunior cat. 1st runner up

SONY DSCJunior cat 2nd runner up

SONY DSCJunior cat merit

SONY DSCJunior cat merit

SONY DSCNew Junior champ 

SONY DSCBest age and Open merit

SONY DSCBest creative and modification


Here is the works with its award won. (photo: yong kong woon)

999260_4783750842736_49359034_n 969213_4783748242671_1621896543_n 970202_4783750202720_281516230_n 970367_4783747242646_1322882496_n 992959_4783747562654_1626904208_n 947119_4783749922713_1131858497_n 944419_4783746802635_1022432438_n 935231_4783749042691_498289737_n 931316_4783751282747_1242640715_n 580407_4783749682707_112567240_n 10577_4783748682682_683079032_n 8797_4783749402700_961564943_n 7815_4783747722658_93363386_n1005116_4783751962764_1937513101_n

And the group photo of the winners. SONY DSC

Next round of gunpla event will be on early October 2013 and it will be an Expo!!Yeah, finally its here, predict it will be an exciting one and with more participants and bigger entries. Really need to get moving, don’t want to end up like this mid year :p (unable to complete in time).