Remove paint with oven cleaner.

Read on friend’s post regarding remove paint with oven cleaner, before this i heard about removing paints with DOT 3 brake fluids, which might risk making the plastic fragile and break. Beside, it will be take some time rinsing the kits clean.

So i decide to buy one oven cleaner and give it a try, it cost around rm13. In can spray, with lemon fragrance.IMAG1147Here is the test subject, 1/100 NG Infinite Justice back pack, which i completed years ago,dark purple paint is enamel, while the white is lacquer.

I spray the oven cleaner all over the backpack, the solution is quiet thick and it stay on the kits. Leave it for 4-6 hours before scrub and brushing it.

Here’s the result after soaked 4 hours with minimal brushing and scrubbing with toothbrush. The paints come off easily, both lacquer and enamel, even the decal come off with minimal effort (it was top coated with enamel top coat).
IMAG1150The plastic part is still in good condition, no melt/warp and didn’t brittle. The cleaner rinse off easily with water. Its a nice substitute for thinner and DOT 3 fluids for paints stripping.