WIP: HGUC Kampfer part 4

Still working on the HGUC Kampfer. Now its painting time,  tested some blue on spoons before painting on the kits.

The right one is custom mix clear blue (Gaia clear blue + clear black + small amount clear purple), the left is gaianote clear blue.

Seen like the gaianote clear blue is more vibrant and more suitable for Kampfer.


Here’s the step and layers of paints, to achieve candy coat / metallic color.

1. Gaianote ultimate black (ratio 1: 2.5 ~3 paints: thinner)

2. Mr. Color SM03

3. Gaianote clear blue (ratio 1: 2.5 paints: thinner)

blueI added little bit of retarder mild in the paints as well. It prolong the drying time and enable the paints to level itself, so it have smoother paint work.

That’s it for now, stay tuned for next progress.