Tutorial for water slide decal and metal transfer decal


Steps to apply metal transfer decal
1. Cut the decal out
2. Remove the wax paper at the back
3. Adjust the decal on the place you want, then stick it on the surface, press the decal a little
4. Remove the transparent plastic
5. Remove the excess glue with masking tape
6. Done waterslide

Steps to apply water slide decal
1. Tools needed
2. Cut the decal out and trim the side as much as possible
3. Soak the decal in water for about 5 seconds
4. Slide the decal on the part, then pull the paper out
5. Use cotton bud to remove bubbles trap under the decal and remove excess water
6. Apply mr. mark softer on top of the decal, after that don’t move the decal until its totally dry, then apply top coat