Hot Toys Iron Man mk 3 repaint part 2.

Continue with the repaint of Hot Toys Iron Man Mk 3.  I shade the armor with subtle black painted on the lines and grooves, the shade is visible even with few heavy wet coat of the semi clear red. shading After painted the red its time to touch up on the details, i use acrylic matt black to paint the detail and panel lines. IMAG0961The before and after repaint, i use brighter red compare to hot toys iron man mk 3. I do observe that Hot Toys iron man mk 3 painting is different from the battle damage version, battle damage version is better than normal version. But the cons is battle damage version faded (abdomen armor) over time. I do believe is due to the paints hot toys used, whereas normal version is just color of the rubber. So, it won’t faded as much as battle damage. Of course dust and oil do affect the rubber to look ‘worn out’. bnfMore photo coming soon.  🙂