WIP: MG FAZZ part 1

It will be a OOB commission build. Spend 2 days snap-fitting this babe.

MG FAZZ, with its super big gun and fortified armor really look bad-ass and huge. I love the white armor pair with the grey, will remain this color scheme with little bit of custom.

Going to add in LED for the eye as requested by the client, so here’s some tools i used for the add-on. 

CR1220 battery, battery holder, swtich and red LED.

I sliced the LED so the tip is flat and glue it on the transparent parts. Testing the LED lit up the clear parts. It look bright and nice.

Made some adjustment on the neck parts, as the LED had taken a part in the helmet, had to cut off the neck to make it shorter. Putty up some gaps and will add in details later.

The outcome of the modification. The battery and switch is located at the back, and i had build a battery box to conceal the wiring and battery holder.  Next would be remove seamlines and parts separation for painting. Stay tuned.