WIP: Iron man mk 3 crushed helmet part 1

Order the iron man crushed helmet at ebay, on request by client. Its a recast unit from hot toys exclusive iron man mk 3. A comparison between the crushed helmet with the normal helmet. The recast unit is painted in silver and its make out of resin. So, my job is to paint it into gold and red.

Before goes into painting, i found some bubbles at the face plate and bottom of the neck, have to fill in and sand off the putty.

As seen on the top photo (red circle) are those bubbles trapped during casting. I filled it up with dissolve putty and sand it with sanding sponge and file. The paint work will be next, need to paint scratches and cracks on the helmet, and do some weathering as like it going through a tough fight. Stay tuned for more updates.