Simple Review of e2046 Garage kits – Street Fighter Ryu

Received a e2046 Garage Kits street fighter ryu from a Singaporean friend. Its a simple garage kits which recommend by him, for beginner in gk.

Here’s some simple review on this gk. e2046 GK was placed in a transparent container such as this.

It really protect the parts from damaging even though the parcel box is dented or crushed like my case. Inside the container the parts is wrap with bubbles wrapper, it really prevent the fragile parts from damaging during the delivery.

Since i not starting the project yet, so i won’t be open the plastic bad inside, just open the bubbles wrapper to have a closer look at the casting.

The hair and facial details are sharp and nice, didn’t notice any flesh. The hairs and muscles details are clean and sharp. This will be an easy and fast build, the finger also very well cast, no flesh and the finger can be easily seen the features.

Same goes to the leg and toes, no major flesh, just some sanding will do.

I need to open this bag as the parts are hard to capture with bag around. The bandanna, black belts and the part of the gi is nice in details.

Overall this garage kits is very well cast with only few parts, easy for beginner like me to work on. Ryu is one of my favorite games character, very happy i got this awesome kits. Thanks again Alex.

Will probably start this kits on January 2013, after i finish my GBWC entry and some commission build. So, stay tuned for more updates.

For those who interested about this kits, can get it at here,